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About us

Ward Howell is an Executive Search and Leadership Development Consulting Company. We strive for Talent Equity growth i.e. for better business effectiveness and our client companies’ value growth.

Our business is belief in managerial talents that make up most of the world business value.

Thanks to years of successful work in Russia and CIS we understand our clients’ tasks and difficulties with managing talents in fast growing markets. It is our strategic advantage.

Our Approach

How can one organize a “talents portfolio”? Can an investment in staff guarantee the best result? We have established Talent Equity Consulting.

This service joins talents and business which seriously depend on each other. Talent Equity Consultants abilities surpass those of Human Resources managers, Talents Consultants and Executive Search specialists.

With our experience and research we claim that 10% of a staff makes up to 80 – 90% of the company value. These people are the leaders.

Ward Howell gives its clients an opportunity to increase their Talent Equity, i.e. the company value made up by its staff. We create most of business value by helping the clients estimate their talents, use them, develop and involve them in the company work.

We dont offer ready-made solutions. We consider every single project as a unique one.
Our goal is building long-term partnerships with our clients.


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